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Kumbio Takedown

Codeword Secret is a groundbreaking show that wraps comedy, action and drama into a single polished package. The story focuses on Johnny Newman, a larger-than-life "player" who gets drafted in to the CIA. There, he must face the challenge of a lifetime: confronting his own weaknesses, the mixed feelings of his cohorts, and ultimately a very dangerous figure from his past. But, of course, he doesn't know that part yet.

date: July, 2007
purpose: New York Television Festival

Winner: Mentorship selection by Phil Rosenthal


Danny Gavigan ... Johnny Newman
Regina Aquino ... Veronica
Ron Ward ... Paul

Theodore M. Snead ... Shaker
Sonia Motlagh ... Debbie
Danny Rouhier ... Stuart
Ryan Mulkay ... Ashland

Al Ghanekar ... Rafan
Melanie Hamilton ... Mary

Erin Kaufman ... Beth
Sophia Medley ... Rose
Francisco Reinoso ... Pablo Sandoval
Suzanne Richard ... Deputy Director Phillips

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